Local Photographer Supports the LINCS Pantry

Thank you to Bill Stank of PhotoSynthesis Photography for being a consistent donor to our pantry! Through his business, he has been donating to LINCS for over a year and most recently purchased a new chest freezer! The new addition allows us to stock more meat and fish for our pantry recipients. Visit  www.PhotoSynthPhoto.com for more information and call 484-373-6200 to see how your business can help!

“I used to organize food and supply drives around the holidays as a way of helping those in need. There is something special about the holiday season that inspired me to do that. It really is the season of giving.

I decided to make these food and supply drives more of a regular occasion because there are people in need throughout the entire year. I incorporated this into my business and started a charity that I call The Photography Feed. It’s my way of helping those in need and being a part of the local community. Every time someone books me for their wedding photography and chooses my full-day coverage, I donate $200 worth of food and supplies to the LINCS Center. The food and personal items are what everyone needs before they do anything else. That’s why I decided on this as my way of giving back.”