LINCS Family Center Seeks Donations for Weekend Snack Bags To Help us “Lighten the Load”

Did you know that LINCS Family Center provides weekend meal bags to 70 elementary and intermediate school students each week? We currently include canned fruit, vegetables, protein, and soup as well as pasta, juice, peanut butter, cereal, and snacks in each bag which can make them quite heavy. Students navigate their way home either walking or on a bus with the bag, their backpack, and other items at the end of the school day.

LINCS is looking for nutritious and kid-friendly but lightweight donations to include in our weekend meal bags to “lighten the load” for our students. Please call 484-373-6200 or email for more information or to arrange a delivery with the LINCS Center staff and volunteers.

Suggested Items


  • Individual cereal boxes
  • cereal bars
  • granola bars
  • breakfast oat biscuits
  • mini muffins
  • toaster pastries
  • individual non-perishable milk boxes.


  • Tuna or chicken packets/cracker kits
  • peanut butter and jelly squeeze packs
  • crackers & peanut butter crackers
  • hazelnut spread kits


  • Microwave mac and cheese cups
  • shelf-stable microwave meals
  • ramen
  • noodle or rice cups
  • packets or boxes of soup
  • stew, chili or vegetables
  • pasta and sauce in pouches or aseptic packaging
  • dry soup packets


  • Fruit and vegetable chips
  • fruit cups
  • applesauce cups or squeeze packs
  • dried fruit
  • nuts, seeds, and fruit leather