About the LINCS Center

The inspiration for the LINCS Center came from the school principals in the Wilson Area School District. Because of a recent influx of at-risk students from outside the area, teachers have seen more children in their classrooms who are hungry, pregnant, homeless, suffering from illness or addiction, living without insurance or medical care, trying to cope with broken families, or facing violence in the home or on the streets. It was the school principals who first recognized the pressing need to help these struggling children and their families.

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LINCS is a dynamic community out-reach organization dedicated to offering all Wilson area residents a confidential contact for accessing a variety of support through programs and services.


LINCS is committed to providing a compassionate and sensitive community resource that will empower Wilson area families by linking them to direct, comprehensive programs addressing social, emotional and physical well-being, educational assistance, and resources needed to raise healthy children and enhance all residents’ quality of life.

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